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Community-Wide Housing & Commercial Analysis: Northern Ohio


DDA was commissioned by municipalities within ten counties in Ohio’s northern region to identify opportunities for housing, retail and restaurants within communities Based on the following criteria,

  • Housing and commercial surveys to identify market conditions
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Demographic and economic analysis
  • Market-supported opportunities
  • Employee and resident survey

Reports identified potential site candidates for development and related development strategies, including necessary incentives and optimal surrounding environment.



Downtown Redevelopment: Davenport Iowa

DT Davenport Strategic Plan3

DiSalvo Development Advisors, LLC was the project manager for a multidisciplinary team. We helped them in identifying commercial and residential market-supported development opportunities throughout the downtown area. Our experts also worked with planning and financial firms to build a 10-year strategic action plan.

When the Ten-Year Downtown Strategic Action Plan was adopted, a recommended new interior grants program was implemented. It immediately attracted commercial users to an aging downtown building stock. Following the completion of the Ten-Year Downtown Strategic Plan, we provided a restaurant and casino analysis and served as an advisor related to the redevelopment of the former Howard Johnson site.

Inner City Redevelopment: West Franklinton, Columbus Ohio

Working with a multidisciplinary team, we developed a cutting-edge neighborhood strategy involving a block-by-block implementation plan. This strategy includes an analysis tool that can be applied as needed to confront vacant properties and redevelopment challenges.

We also assessed market-supported opportunities for varied residential and commercial development types. Our team outlined a scenario to potentially support and attract a full-service grocery store.

WF Image2

Rural Greenfield Development: Parkville, Missouri

DiSalvo Development Advisors, LLC prepared a market analysis for ancillary development to a soccer complex at the Highway 45/Interstate-435 interchange in Parkville, Missouri. The study area encompassed three of the four quadrants of the interchange including more than 300 acres of land on more than 20 parcels.

We evaluated the market feasibility for hotel and/or retail development as a support component to the proposed soccer complex. Alternative development scenarios were also considered as it related to other near-term highest and best use opportunities, with or without the soccer fields.


Suburban Town Center Redevelopment: Apopka, Florida

At DiSalvo Development Advisors, LLC, we have researched opportunities to incorporate hospitality and entertainment uses within the Apopka Town Center. These include:

  • Lodging
  • Meeting Space
  • Movie Theater
  • Bowling Alley
  • Restaurant Entertainment/Arcade
Apopka town_center02

Suburban Interchange Redevelopment: Brice-Tussing, Columbus, Ohio

The Brice-Tussing real estate market study serves as a basis for crafting the Brice-Tussing Area Plan. The property’s corridor experienced a mass exodus of retailers in the late 1990s and early 2000s. High vacancies and disinvestment followed.

We led the completion of a commercial real estate market analysis of the retail, service, and industrial/warehousing sectors within the study area. Zoning and land-use patterns relative to the market findings were incorporated. Opportunity sites were also chosen and included project narratives, conceptual plans, and corresponding pro formats based on near and lasting opportunities.

Military Installations: California, Missouri, Montana, Wyoming (Air Force's Western Group)

DiSalvo Development Advisors, LLC was commissioned to provide a market analysis for the privatization of 3,000 housing units at four Air Force bases. These were referred to as the Western Group (Beale, Whiteman, FE Warren, and Malmstrom AFB).

The report assessed the current and long-term value of the base housing, projected occupancy levels, and examined base essentiality and potential BRAC considerations. Fitch Ratings used the market analyses to help establish a rating for the $185 million in revenue bonds ('AA'). Overall, our team has completed market studies for more than 20 military installations nationwide, including those from the Army, Navy, and Airforce

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