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DiSalvo Development Advisors, LLC provides market research analysis, strategic planning, and development consultation for various real estate projects. Our president, Pete DiSalvo, has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and has worked in 46 states. He brings his experience and knowledge of development to every project.

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Using Contemporary Techniques

The traditional supply and demand equation is still the core of any market analysis. However, based on our experience, this type of investigation is not enough. That’s why we have established an innovative approach for increasing the likelihood of success in implementing redevelopment and business attraction.

We pride ourselves in creating strategies and solutions that go beyond the standard market analysis methodology. Our approach requires principal involvement throughout the entire process to effectively understand the issues and identify solutions relevant to that particular market.


What Makes DDA Special

Vast Industry Knowledge

Our team has extensive experience in a variety of development types, with the majority of work in mixed-use redevelopment. We have a deep understanding of how certain advancements impact other uses that are most complementary to one another and those that provide the best opportunity for economic development and long-term viability. We also know how uses can be leveraged to offer a unique experience and lifestyle.

Strong Network and Communication

To fit in the ever-changing market conditions, we strive to ensure the relevance of our strategies. We work closely with planners, economic development professionals, and other municipal staff to fulfill your project’s particular needs. Our team has the ability to communicate the placement, scale, and tenant preferences to further improve the implementation.

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