Mixed-use development can revitalize an area through strategic placement and allocation of uses. Our team will help you with the analysis and planning for the following:

  • Urban Districts
  • Suburban Corridors
  • Town Centers
  • Master-Planned Communities
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Office and Commercial

To attract young professionals, employers must provide vibrant work environments with nearby amenities. We will guide you in making the right real estate decisions for the following:

  • Offices
  • Technology Space
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Business Accelerators

Retail and Restaurants

Restaurants are often the primer and catalyst for revitalizing neighborhoods. On the other hand, the retail industry allows communities to have access to a broad range of products and services. Some of the real estate projects that we can help you with include:

  • In-Line Retail
  • Out-Parcel Retail
  • Shopping Centers
  • Town Centers
  • Outlet Malls
  • Retail Clusters
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Hospitality and Entertainment

Visitor-oriented venues and development have the potential to provide the greatest economic impact. We help clients in the planning and development stages of the following:

  • Hotels
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Casinos
  • Theaters
  • Sport Venues


A variety of housing stock is essential to a neighborhood's economic growth. We can handle residential projects such as:

  • Rental Housing
  • For-Sale Housing
  • Multifamily
  • Single-family

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